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IWRM Super 15s 2014

GEF Pacific IWRM Project Super 15s 2014 Rugby Tipping Competition

The GEF Pacific IWRM Project is running a rugby tipping competition for the 2014 Super 15s. The competition opens on 15th February 2014 and winners will be announced in the final week of July 2014. 

Entry is FREE, the rules are SIMPLE, and the prizes are GREAT!

Competition Categories and Prizes
Prizes Table

Visit http://www.pacific-iwrm.org/register.html and the follow the online sign up process - click here. Use your username and password to visit the website each week and make your tips online. The country team prize will again be based on the top three scorers from each country. The youth category applies to players under 21 years of age. Contact the Project Coordinating Unit should you require assistance.

Current Round Total Rounds Start End
19 19 2014-02-08 2014-07-13
Registrations are closed for this competition

General Rules

  • Participants will be awarded 2 points for a correct win tip, per game and 2 point for a correct draw tip, per game over the 20 regular rounds of the competition from 15 February – 13 July.
  • Players that miss their tips for a given week will receive the same number of points as the user that did tip and scored the lowest in that week.
  • Users that join the competition after it has started will be allocated default start-up points. The of number of points received will be equivalent to the average score of players involved in the competition at that time.
  • In the case players or teams are drawn at the end of the regular 19 Rounds, the competition will proceed to the finals which will based on the same points system, plus a precision scoring system.


  1. A "National Ridge to Reef Team"may be comprised of International Waters project managers and assistants, national STAR project staff, GEF Operational Focal Points, and members of national committees. Each team must have at least one lady tipper, and the total points for a team will be calculated as the aggregate score of the top three tippers from each team.
  1. The winning project team will be expected to report on the results of the study tour and convene a 1 day echo-seminar for members of their GEF demonstration project steering committee following conclusion of the tour. The echo-seminar must inform committee members of key examples of best practice at the study site and how these could assist the IWRM process in their given country.
  1. Open category is for everyone, such as friends and colleagues from donor organisations, supporting programmes and projects, and others with an interest in improving water resource management in the Pacific Islands.