Third Meeting of the Regional Steering Committee
for the GEF Pacific IWRM Project

Cook Islands, 25th-30th July 2011

Discussion Documents    
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/2   Annotated Agenda
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/3   Report of the Meeting
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/4   Report on the Status of the Merge of the Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community: Implications for Delivery of the Pacific IWRM Programme
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/5   Annual Report of the Regional Project Manager on the GEF Pacific IWRM Project
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/6   Annual Report of the EU National IWRM Planning Programme
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/7   Annual Report of the Chairperson of the Regional Technical Advisory Group
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/8   Annual Report on the Status of the GEF Pacific IWRM Demonstration Projects
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/9   Lessons Learned from the Inception Phase of the GEF Pacific IWRM Project and Options for Continued Knowledge Exchange and Learning
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/10   Draft Rules of Operation for a Regional Re-Allocation Pool for Unspent National IWRM Demonstration Project Funds
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/11   National Project Indicators and Recommendations for Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Project Progress
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/12   Review of National Project Technical Support Needs and Recommendations for the Quality Assurance of the Scientific and Technical Aspects of Project Delivery
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/13   Building a Framework for Water, Sanitation and Climate
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/14   Enhancing Partner and Stakeholder Engagement in IWRM Demonstration Project Delivery
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/15   Climate Variability and Change Issues Influencing the Achievement of Water and Sanitation Outcomes in Pacific Island Countries
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/16   Defining Replication, Upscaling, and Mainstreaming in the Context of the Pacific IWRM Programme: Recommendations for Priority Areas of Work and Work Plan Development
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/17   National and Regional Communications Strategies for Mainstreaming IWRM in Pacific Island Countries

Information Documents

SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/Inf.1   List of Participants
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/Inf.2   Provisional List of Documents (this document)
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/Inf.3   Draft Programme
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/Inf.4   Finance and Administration Manual
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/Inf.5   Sharing of National IWRM Outcomes
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/Inf.6   Report of the First Meeting of Regional Steering Committee
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/Inf.7   Report of the Second Meeting of Regional Steering Committee
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.3/Inf.8   Report of the Micronesia Sub-Regional Planning Workshop for the EU IWRM National Planning Programme
Country Presentations    
Federated States of Micronesia   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-FSM-RSC3.pdf
Cook Islands   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Cook-Islands-RSC3.pdf
Republic of the Marshall Islands   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-RMI-Majuro-Laura-RSC3.pdf
Republic of Fiji   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Fiji-Nadi-Basin-RSC3.pdf
Republic of Palau   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Palau-RSC3.pdf
Kingdom of Tonga   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Tonga-Vavau-RSC3.pdf
Tuvalu   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Tuvalu-RSC3.pdf
Niue   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Niue-RSC3.pdf
Solomon Islands    
Republic of Nauru   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Nauru-RSC3.pdf
Independent State of Samoa   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Samoa-RSC3.pdf
Kiribati   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Kiribati-RSC3.pdf
Environmental Engineering Presentations    
Household Water and Wastewater Treatment in Pacific Island Countries   Water-Wastewater-Treatment-Pacific-Islands.pdf
Use of Composting Toilets in Pacific Island Countries   Composting-Toilets-ECOSAN-Pacific-Island-Countries.pdf
Partner Presentations    
UNDP   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-UNDP-RSC3-Toily-Kurbanov.pdf
UNEP   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-UNEP-RSC3-Ampai-Harakunarak.pdf
USP   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-USP-RSC3.pdf
IWC   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-IWC-RSC3.pdf
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