Second Meeting of the Regional Steering Committee
for the GEF Pacific IWRM Project

Republic of Palau, 19th-23rd July 2010

Discussion Documents    
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/1   Provisional Agenda
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/2   Provisional Annotated Agenda
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/3   Report of the Meeting
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/4   Report of the Project Manager on the Status of the GEF Project Entitled "Implementing Sustainable Water Resources and Wastewater Management in Pacific Islands Countries"
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/5   Status Report of the European Union funded IWRM National Planning Programme
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/6   Draft Terms of Reference for a Regional Technical Advisory Group for Pacific IWRM
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/7   Proposed Project Funding Rules for National IWRM Demonstration Projects
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/8   IWRM Demonstration Project Technical and Support Needs
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/9   Pacific Hydrological Cycle Observing System Project Status
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/10   Developing a Pacific Regional Project for Community-led Water Resources Management
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/11   Establishing a Regional Indicator Framework for IWRM and Water Use Efficiency in the Small Island States of the Pacific
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/12   Co-Financing of Project Activities and Mainstreaming IWRM
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/13   Capacity Development for IWRM
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/14   Draft Work Plan and Budget for 2010-2011

Information Documents

SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/Inf.1   Provisional List of Participants
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/Inf.2   Provisional List of Documents (this document)
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/Inf.3   Draft Programme
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/Inf.4   Finance and Administration Manual
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.2/Inf.5   Report of the First Meeting of Regional Steering Committee
Country Presentations    
Federated States of Micronesia   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-FSM-RSC2.pdf
Cook Islands   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Cook-Islands-RSC2.pdf
Republic of the Marshall Islands   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-RMI-Majuro-Laura-RSC2.pdf
Republic of Fiji   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Fiji-Nadi-Basin-RSC2.pdf
Republic of Palau   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Palau-RSC2.pdf
Kingdom of Tonga   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Tonga-Vavau-RSC2.pdf
Tuvalu   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Tuvalu-RSC2.pdf
Solomon Islands   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Solomon-Islands-RSC2.pdf
Republic of Nauru   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Nauru-RSC2.pdf
Independent State of Samoa   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Samoa-RSC2.pdf
Vanuatu   GEF-Pacific-IWRM-Vanuatu-RSC2.pdf
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