Fourth Meeting of the Regional Steering Committee
for the GEF Pacific IWRM Project

Fiji Islands, 31st July – 3rd August 2012

Discussion Documents    
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/1   Provisional Agenda
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/2   Provisional Annotated Agenda
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/3   Report of the Meeting
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/4   Annual Report of the Regional Project Manager on the GEF Pacific IWRM Project
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/5   Final Report of the EU National IWRM Planning Programme
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/6   Final Mid-Term Evaluation Report for the GEF Pacific IWRM Project
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/7   Progressing National Water and Sanitation Policy and IWRM Plan Development in Pacific Island Countries
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/8   Development of a Results-Based Approach to IWRM in Pacific Island Countries, including Options to Strengthen Stakeholder Awareness of Indicator Frameworks and Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanisms
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/9   Lessons Learned to Project Mid-Term and Opportunities for Replicating and Scaling-up IWRM in Pacific Island Countries
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/10   Options for Strengthening Community Involvement in IWRM via Development and Implementation of a Partnership with the GEF Small Grants Programme

Information Documents

SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/Inf.1   List of Participants
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/Inf.2   List of Documents (this document)
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/Inf.3   Draft Programme
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/Inf.4   Report of the Third Regional Steering Committee Meeting
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/Inf.5   National IWRM Mid-Term Reports from Participating Countries
SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/Inf.6   National IWRM "Results Notes" from Participating Countries
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