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Demonstration, Capture and Transfer of Best Practices in IWRM and Water Use Efficiency

A network of 14 demonstration projects has been established in the participating countries. These projects will be implemented over 60 months from 2009 - 2014. The objective of this project component is to provide local benefits leading to long-term livelihood changes to ensure greater sustainability and water security, regional policy reform, and an improved natural resource base wider than water alone.  

National and regional replication and scaling-up activities are planned to help deliver global environmental benefits.  Demonstration interventions will aim to reduce environmental stress, improve community access to clean water, support innovative approaches to determine the best use of water resources (both technical and allocative efficiency), reduce water related health risks through protection of water supplies, and/or reduce sewage releases into the fresh and marine water environments.  

National Demonstration Projects will focus on how water is used and managed as a tool for adaptation to climate variability.  It is envisaged that improving the way water is managed and used now will make it easier for Small Island Developing States of the Pacific rim to cope with demographic, economic and climatic changes in the future.

Further information for each demonstration project can be accessed by clicking here.

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