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IWRM and WUE Regional Indicator Framework

Component 2 of the project will develop an IWRM and WUE Regional Indicator Framework based on improved data collection and indicator feedback. It will contribute to improved national and regional sustainable development using water as an entry point.

The anticipated outcome for the component is National and Regional adoption of an IWRM and WUE Regional Indicator Framework. Related outcomes include:

  • multi-sectoral approaches to national water and environmental management improved and increased through M&E feedback and action, leading to global environmental benefits;
  • indicator feedback facilitated through IWRM APEX Bodies for multi-sectoral action; and
  • endorsement of national and regional indicators for IWRM, NAPA, NAP and sustainable development planning (NSDSs and NEAPs).

It is aimed that the indicator system will be highly specific to country needs and will be able to drive the changes needed to facilitate mainstreaming of IWRM and Water Use Efficiency in Pacific Island Countries. The Regional Steering Committee hopes that the system will assist in ensuring the longer term sustainability of project interventions and would be of greater use to civil servants in planning and budgeting for IWRM than the usual data intensive, numeric based systems developed elsewhere.

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 October 2009 12:57