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Thread: Snapshot of Pacific IWRM Progress in Vanuatu

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    Snapshot of Pacific IWRM Progress in Vanuatu

    Vanuatu’s GEF Pacific IWRM Demonstration Project entitled “Sustainable Management of the Sarakata Watershed” has strengthened arrangements for improved watershed management and community engagement. The project is also successfully testing various measures to reduce stress on the Sarakata watershed. Key project results include: establishment of the Sarakata Basin Integrated Flood Management Plan; establishment of Water Protected Zones; increase in community engagement with national Government on water issues; and successful trials of sustainable forest and land management practices with landowners.

    This Pacific IWRM ‘Progress Snapshot’ highlights results achieved to date - check out the sample below and download the PDF version for a high resolution version.

    Feel free to leave comments and feedback on this great work. Download the full document below and share among your colleagues and friends!
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