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Thread: Snapshot of Pacific IWRM Progress in Niue

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    Snapshot of Pacific IWRM Progress in Niue

    Niue’s GEF Pacific IWRM Demonstration Project entitledUsing Integrated Land Use, Water Supply and Wastewater Management as a Protection Model for the Alofi Town Groundwater Supply and Nearshore Reef Fishery” has made great progress in strengthening legal frameworks for water resource management and securing access to safe drinking water. Key project results include: enactment of the Niue Water Act, which provides the nations first framework for water allocation and water resource protection; establishment and implementation of National and Village Drinking Water Safety Plans to provide safe drinking water to all central areas in Niue; and on ground works to improve Niue’s water security, through reducing water loss through leakage and increasing water storage. This Pacific IWRM ‘Progress Snapshot’ highlights results achieved to date. Check out the sample below and download the PDF for a high resolution version.

    Please feel free to leave comments and feedback on this great work. Download the PDF below and share among your colleagues and friends
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